The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall were looking to build a new way of forming a deeper engagement with their varied audiences through the effective use of Social Media. The Hall required the project to fulfil a number of aims from commercial, to educational, to charitable. Specifically we were tasked:

  • To define a unique online space for the Royal Albert Hall
  • To grow the online audience of the Hall through social channels
  • To raise awareness of the Hall’s versatility
  • To raise awareness of the Hall’s charitable status
  • To explore subsidiary revenue channels
  • To showcase the Hall’s extensive archive material

Our response was to create Life at the Hall – a social strategy and platform to achieve the objectives set.


There were a number of challenges that we were looking to address:

Despite hosting a wealth of world-renowned acts throughout the year the Hall doesn’t always have direct access to the acts so sometimes content is limited.

Whilst the Royal Albert Hall team are talented and passionate they also very busy day-to-day so we needed a strategy that would be time efficient to execute.

The Hall hosts events from the Proms to Disney Musicals to Jazz and, as such, caters for a wide and varied audience - especially when it comes to adoption of social media. We needed a solution that would cater for all audiences.

The main site
The main Royal Albert Hall website serves primarily as a ‘what’s on guide’ and ticket purchase destination. When tickets for popular shows go on sale the site can experience a huge volume of hits. We were keen to help alleviate the load on the main site where possible by publishing certain pillar articles away from the site.


The big idea
We recognized that watching an event at the Royal Albert Hall is like no other experience of live event viewing. The Royal Albert Hall is as much a part of the live experience as the act is.

10 years after an event will you remember where you saw it?
You do when its the Royal Albert Hall.

We therefore wanted to place this big idea at the heart of the social positioning of the Hall.

Life at the Hall is a Social Space for the varied audience of the Royal Albert Hall

  • It’s a strategy on how best to add value to your online audience…
  • It’s looking at what kind of SEO rich content they love and want to share…
  • It’s creating a space for content to live that can be linked to from wherever they are online…

Method deployed
There were 3 main components to the solution:

1. Social strategy
The first stage of the project was to work with the Royal Albert Hall to help develop and define the social voice. Although the Hall doesn’t always own the rights to original content, we could still create content around the Hall’s main priorities that would be engaging and sharable for the audience.

2. Life at the Hall - a Social Space
We created a simple social hub – Life at the Hall – where we could host long-form content that can be shared on other social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. This social space has allowed us to generate interest around the Hall’s activities, both day-to-day and over time to build an active an engaged social audience. We also made it easy to update content and to add regular additional functionality to enrich  the experience. The site has now become a key part of The Royal Albert Hall’s online portfolio by creating and enhancing quality, relevant content without diluting the focus of the key sales focus on the main website.

3. Working with the Royal Albert Hall team
As with any social project the outcome is only as good as the input and we were very lucky to work with such an able and passionate team as we found at the Royal Albert Hall. We have worked together to create engaging and relevant content for the myriad of Hall fans.

Facebook & Twitter
As well as helping the Hall with their social voice we also worked on their Facebook & Twitter presence to ensure we captured as many new fans and followers as possible.

We have also ran regular Facebook promotions in association with trusted RAH partners. For one such partnership we received over 24,000 sign-ups for a simple promotion mechanic.


After the first year we had achieved the following:

  • 1,200% increase in Facebook likes from 6,000 to over 72,000
  • Over 250,000 Facebook check-ins
  • 725% increase in Twitter followers from circa 4,000 to over 29,000

By clever use of technology, smart working processes, great people and innovative thinking we were able to not only achieve the results set out above but also to provide a long-lasting platform for future growth and development.

With the Royal Albert Hall we not only managed to hit the targets set out in year one but also created an online legacy that is a major part of capturing the future history of this iconic venue.

"This project was the first serious foray in to the world of Social Media for the Royal Albert Hall. With our wide variety of audiences, a diverse set of messages and a limited amount of direct access to content we were impressed with how Last Exit helped us to find and define our Social Media voice. One year on and we now have a lively and engaged social audience and a digital eco-system to support further growth."

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