Here at Last Exit we’re big fans of Photobox. Most of us have used their service at some time or other so we were really excited when they asked us to help bring some of the emotive Photobox experience to Facebook.

Digital technology has changed the world of traditional photography in a relatively short space of time. Photographic film has been replaced by computer files and, on the whole, it’s a big improvement. But Photobox recognized that there’s a vital part of the experience missing. Most pictures these days live on a computer hard drive and that’s a shame as you don’t get to see your memories as much as you might if they were printed in an album or in a frame on your wall.

Our approach

We wanted to help Photobox convey the experience of discovering lost memories on your computer. We wanted to display these pictures in a way that would invoke the feeling of having physical, printed pictures in front of you. We wanted to create an emotive response in the user so that they might start to think about getting their pictures printed at Photobox.

That’s why we developed Photobox Favourite Facebook Photos.

Photobox Favourite Facebook Photos
A simple but engaging mechanic designed to help you choose your favourite Facebook memories. We used Facebook Connect to pull in users’ photographs into familiar environments and then asked the user to select their favourite photos. They were then presented with a unique montage image that they could post to their wall or share with friends.

Promoting the product, gently
Once a user reaches the end of the promotion they are also presented with an image of a Photobox product with their picture superimposed on it. From there the user can choose to amend the image or change the product and then click through to Photobox to place an order. This allowed us to get personalized products in front of people in a very gentle way.

Going where the audience is
Photobox already has a strong Facebook following so we focused on tapping into this network initially to build traffic through the application.

Spreading the word
We used Facebook functionality in many ways to spread the word about the promotion. New users would get a post to their wall when they begin the process and at the end they would get a prompt to share their images with friends and family. In addition they could like the promotion itself or chose to follow Photobox on Facebook.

Competitive posting
The flexibility of the promotion also allowed Photobox to offer prizes to users for the best montage image created thus helping to extend the life of the activity.

The results

As a piece of pure customer engagement we didn’t have any specific targets to hit so we can judge the success or otherwise of the campaign mainly anecdotally. Here are some of the Facebook comments we received in praise of the app:

“Just had a play with the new app. Love it! I could spend hours on this!!”

“Great app really enjoyed ..Thanks PB !”

“I did enter and had fun doing so. Great app. Well done again winners.  can’t wait to the next comp!:-) xx”

“Loved the new app Photobox, I had fun choosing the photos to go with each memory! x”

“It was brilliant!! It would be good to be able to print one as a poster so I could frame it  Well done PB and thanks for a lovely app  xx”

“Really enjoyed doing this it really made me cherish what is special in my life, and those special people who matter more that anything.”

“It was great fun, to browse through the pictures and recall all these moments! It’s so good to have photos!”

“Was a fab app, thanks photobox… such a lovely way to enjoy browsing through my most treasured memories x”

“This app is fantastic, it makes you look back on your year and remember it all! Well done PB!  x”

“loved the app…was so easy to look at all the pics. And so nice to see my favourite pics on one page!!”

“as promised you have delivered a great app x”

“its fab thanks PB xx”

“What a fantatsic app! It’s managed 8221 photos! Some great memories. I’ll have to take some time over Christmas to go through them all! Thank you  ”

“love it!”

“Fab  xx”

“will share it now, thank you so much PB  ”

“brilliant app  ”

“I ♥ it PB! x”

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