With a rapidly expanding international business, INTO required a website that that addressed their varied local market offerings, partner relationships and languages spoken by their key audience. They also needed a site that was able to accommodate the inevitable shifts in focus which once might expect in a fast-growing sector.


With so many variables at play, a standard series of templates and page layouts wasn't going to give INTO the granularity to accommodate all their requirements, so a more flexible and scalable approach was required. INTO needed a solution that would also allow them to make rapid additions, edits and amends to the site on both a macro and micro level.


Last Exit developed a series of modules which could be "bolted together" to construct pages in virtually in any combination, giving INTO the flexibility to cater to local requirements with a universal set of tools. The module library could be easily expanded to offer additional functionality and amends to the modules could be quickly rolled out to either the entire site or more targeted segments as required.

In addition to accommodating different structures for the various offerings - presenting extensive information in a user-friendly, accessible format - the site is also multi-lingual, with large sections presented in English, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Result has not only given INTO the flexibility to accommodate complex and varied requirements in both global and local markets but it's also enabled the development of digital as an acquisition channel - a role which is set to grow in 2012.

website build and launch