Diesel USA


Leverage the award-winning “Be Stupid” campaign to build an interactive stunt to drive consumers to the Diesel US Flagship 5th Avenue Store to increase store sale, Facebook Fans, Twitter followers and build buzz. 

Everyone has secrets. And everyone wants to, at some point in their life, bask in their “minute of fame”. Why not combine the two? Last Exit conceived and constructed a video confessional installation for consumers to record a 60sec confessional. The videos were streamed live on TV screens in the store window and emailed to consumers to share via social media. 
A LED ticker in the window allowed consumers to tweet or SMS a confession from anywhere in the world and join the fun!  
The “Confess Stupid Campaign” was launched on Sept, 9, 2010 during Fashion’s Night Out. Ex-cast members of MTV’s The Real World  judged consumers confessions before an audience of hundreds outside the store window, rewarding the best entries with $500 gift certificates. 
The team at Last Exit took care of all design, usability, software development and hardware design and build. We're very grateful for having such a fantastic crew.

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Diesel Confession Booth