Last Exit releases UK Pension Sector Benchmarking Report

Last Exit  have released the first of their annual digital benchmark reports which rank the digital presence of key companies in a variety of sectors.

The 2012 Pensions survey analysed 19 major UK pension providers over 29 touchpoints across desktop, mobile and social media.

The report found that Aviva have the best online presence, but that the industry as a whole has been slow to adapt to changes in the digital landscape and is failing to engage with current and potential customer's effectively. In fact, only Aviva scored about 60% to be ranked "good", with the rest of the field achieving a score of "mediocre" or "weak".

The majority of the 19 major firms’ online offerings analysed scored poorly for clarity, ease of use, jargon-busting and optimisation for viewing on mobile devices. 

These sector wide deficiencies mean that the field is open for an agile provider to break out of the pack and create a market defining presence in what is a poor performing sector.

Download the 2012 Pension Sector Digital Benchmark Report

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